Entrée Taifasy
Partie du discours nom propre (ethnonyme)
Explications en malgache [ Antaifasy ] Anaram-poko kely amin' ny morontsiraka atsimo atsinanana, monin amin' ny tany anelanelan' i Manampatra sy Mananara atsimo, izany hoe latsaka eo afovoan' ny Antaimoro, avaratra, sy ny Antaisaka, atsimo; renivohiny: Farafangana [Rajemisa 1985]
Explications en français [ Antefasy ] population du sud-est de Madagascar, qui habite entre les rivières Manampatrana et Manakara (ville principale: Farafangana) [Rajemisa 1966]
Autres orthographes 
Tableaux et planches Mots du dialecte
Exemples From the northern point of Madagascar down to the bay of Antongil the people appear to be allied to the Sakalava, but south of that bay come in succession the Betsimisaraka (of whom there are two chief divisions called respectively Anteva and Vorimo), the Betanimena (a little more inland), the Taimoro, the Taifasy, the Taisaka, the Tanosy, and the Tandroy, who reach down towards Cape St Mary, the southernmost point of Madagascar. [Sibree: Island, page 131]

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