a palm [Richardson 1885]
nom du palmiste, espèce de palmier. [David 1952]
Karazan-javamaniry be ravina (Medemia nobilis Callerand-Palmiers) [Rajemisa 1985]
a species of fan-palm, so called from the fancied resemblance of its fronds to outspread hands [Richardson 1885]
the midrib of the banana leaf. A palm. [Mal. palapah.] [Richardson 1885]
wall panels made of traveler's palm stalks [Hallanger 1973]
panneaux de tiges de palmier [Hallanger 1974]
(fela tanana) The palm of the hand. [Richardson 1885]
the palm of the hand [Hallanger 1973]
the dwarf fan palm, the fruit of which is used by the Sakalava in the manufacture of rhum, and the leaves in the manufacture of mats and baskets; also used for the walls and roofs of houses. The root or part of it is used as an evil charm. Perhaps a species of Hyphaene [Richardson 1885]
the dwarf fan palm [Hallanger 1973]
espèce de palmier [David 1952]
espèce de palmier nain [Hallanger 1974]
Bismarckia nobilis; the most common palm in Madagascar [Dransfield: Palms]