Entrée Honor among Thieves
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Sous-titre Captain Kidd, Henry Every, and the Pirate Democracy in the Indian Ocean
Auteur Rogozinski Jan
Editions 2000. Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA.
Copyright Copyright 2000 by Jan Rogozinski
page 6
Among the men-of-war rendezvousing at Saint-Augustine's Bay in 1689 were the Bachelor's Delight and the Cygnet, the same pirate warships defeated by the Peruvians off Panama four years earlier.
page 12
The French and British East India Companies both had tried to settle Madagascar, but the colonists sent to the island made enemies of the Malagasy, who drove them into the sea. After two centuries, no European had succeeded in establishing a permanent camp anywhere along Madagascar's long coastlines. Saint Mary's Island became the main resort for pirates when Adam Baldridge built his trading psot early in 1691. Some pirate craft already had used the harbor at Saint Mary's. But the presence of Baldridge's fort and the availability of European supplies settled the issue.
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