Entrée aiay
Partie du discours nom
Explications en malgache  [Betsimisaraka] anaran-gidro mpivoaka alina fa tsy mba mivoaka amin'ny antoandro [1.78]
 Karazan-gidro mpivoaka alina, tsy fahita afa-tsy eto Madagasikara [1.1]
Explications en anglais the aye-aye, a singular nocturnal animal endemic in Madagascar, to capture which, the natives say, causes illness or death. Same as ahay (Betsim.), and haihay [Antsih.]. Supposed to receive its name from its peculiar cry. Cheiromys Madagascariensis. [1.2]
Explications en français aye-aye [1.54]
 aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) [2.233]
Nom scientifique Cheiromys madagascariensis, Daubentonia madagascariensis
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Synonymes aingitra
Tableaux et planches Les Lémuriens

Anagrammes iaia

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