Citations : vitsika

1915Sibree James : A Naturalist in Madagascar
page 130
No one can pass through the upper or lower forests without noticing the much more prominent nests made in the trees by another insect, a small species of black ant. These nests are often as large as a football, and are apparently made of cow-dung, or earthy and vegetable matter, forming a coarse papery substance; they are peopled by large numbers of ants, and are dark brown in colour.
page 176
On the bare downs we frequently came across ant-hills, about two feet high and formed of greyish soil. It is said by the people all over the island that a serpent called renivitsika (i.e. "mother of ants") is enticed by these ants into its nest, and is then fattened, killed and eaten by them.

page 50
"You can remove all the birds and still have a forest," says Fisher. "But you can't have a forest without invertebrates. It won't function anymore. The ants are the glue that holds it together."