Citations : sikidy

Sibree James : Fifty Years in Madagascar
page 41
A few words must be said about the Sikidy, a species of divination which had formerly an immense hold upon the people everywhere, and is still, it is believed, practised by many in secret. This divination was worked by arranging a number of beans or seeds in certain columns or rows in a variety of combinations, all of which have a special meaning and were supposed to foretell good or ill fortune in any or everything which the inquirer whished to undertake. The Sikidy was a very elaborate system, and the diviner was a very influential personage.

Decary Raymond : La Divination malgache par le Sikidy
page 1
Procédé de divination encore partout pratiqué à Madagascar, le sikidy répond à toutes les questions, donne la solution de tous les problèmes, découvre la cause des évènements les plus variés, indique les exorcismes et les offrandes propitiatoires. Remplissant le rôle joué par les cartes ou les tarots dans la divination européenne, il parle avec autorité.